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We claim that the inner values manifest themselves in the public image.

Our domicile is situated in Frederiksberg at King´s Road, (Kongensvej) parallel to Queen´s Road (Dronningensvej), near the Zoo. (Actually, we can hear the roar of the lion who is our logo.)

We wonder what kind of energies create people and firms. The study of sexuality and the individual background and origins of the firms and organisations are therefore the focal point of our product.

We give lectures on law, communication, organisation etc. relevant to our clients, and we produce audio-visual profiles demonstrating the image and culture of their organisation or firm.

We also have regular groups coming to our domicile who work with their own well-being and that of their firm.

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Kongensvej 20
2000 Frederiksberg
Tel.  38 34 46 34